About Ottawa County Fire District #4


Ottawa County Rural Fire District #4 covers 192 square miles of Ottawa County, KS. We work out of two stations with the main station being north of Bennington and our second one in Wells. Our department has grown from just fighting fires to many other jobs in the past 25 years and we are trained accordingly. We offer many services to the community, such as: Fire Protection, Vehicle Extrication, Water Rescue, High-Angle Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Ice Rescue, Trench Rescue, Natural Disaster Emergency Care, Traffic Control, and many more services. There is no job too big or too small for our department.

Fire Officers (As of 2013): (left to right) Training Officer Tony Swetson, Fire Chief Mark Whitesell, Fire Lieutenant Allen Vignery, Assistant Chief Dave Carson, Fire Captian Dennis Kelley, Fire Captian Bud Howard (Not pictured: Jeff Scheele)

Ottawa County Fire District #4:


Left to Right: (Back row) Lyle Tinkler, Randy Gruber, Tony Swetson, Nick Swetson, Allen Vignery, John Golbek, Brian Davidson, Bud Howard, Francis Baker, Darren Sanders, Jack Stenfors, (Middle Row) Brian Breese, David Casper, Carey Walters, Jason Mauch, John Carson, Rhonda Howard, Larry Weis, Dennis Kelley, David Swetson, Richard Beemer, Art Cooper, Mark Colton, (Front Row) Jeff Scheele, Rex Loughridge, Bill Luthi, Steve Williams, Cody Russell, Seth Stout, Brent Belk, David Carson, Mark Whitesell


Photo taken at the new fire station in Bennington, Kansas